Look for the logo! With so many brands on the shelves, the OVerusĀ® emblem is an easy way to practice good stewardship.


Why Choose OVerus?

Superior Products

OVerus products are generally superior to the rest. The management of certified brands has the wisdom and decency to respect Jesus in their business practices. This ethic is reflected in the excellence of their brands, extends to you as a customer.


With OVerus, you practice good stewardship. Choosing OVerus brands is a remarkably simple way to live up to all six directives from The Judgment of Nations:

  • Feed the hungry
  • Give drink to the thirsty
  • Welcome a stranger
  • Clothe the naked
  • Care for the sick
  • Visit those in prison

Dollar Vote

Your choice for OVerus brands is a "dollar vote" for Jesus and your faith.

Equal Price

OVerus does not add any significant cost; estimated at about 1/20th of a United States penny per product. We do not ask you to spend more money for OVerus brands, we simply ask that you reach for a different brand.